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League Of Stickman Mod Apk For Android[Free Shopping]

League Of Stickman Apk

If you like to play games like stickman then this one game is for you. In this post, I am going to share with you the league of stickman mod apk with free shopping. League Of Stickman Apk is not included in the new game because previously the game was released around 2016.

But until now Dreamsky as the creator of this game continues to update until now in 2018. In this latest version, there are several additions, among the characters and monsters that have been updated.

League Of Stickman Mod Apk

Download League Of Stickman Mod Apk

For how to play League Of Stickman the same as the previous version. For the hero you use, you have been provided with skills and are used to destroy the dark monsters. If you are not satisfied with the strength of the hero you have. You can upgrade your hero skills on the features provided. Then your hero will increase in strength and more easily eradicate the monster. League Of Stickman Apk does not require specifications that are too high. You can use the smartphone you have to run this game. This game is a type of offline game that does not require the internet like most game games. That way you don’t need to think about quota and signal quality in your place.

Features Of League Of Stickman Mod:

What’s more this game does not require the availability of large storage. Because the size of the league of stickman game is not too big.

So you don’t need to worry about the rest of your current storage. If you want to see all the games that are in PlayStore, please click on the Dreamsky Dev Playstore. The league of stickman game is not the only stickman-themed game that has been circulating. But we still recommend this game for you to try.

With simple gameplay and soft visual effects, you will feel at home to continue playing League of Stickman to the end. League of Stickman is a type of hack and slash game where the style of the game is to free the sword until all enemies are defeated. In the game, you are free to choose the type of hero you like, all of which have different skills.

In addition to skills, of course, all heroes are armed by interesting fighting weapons. Not only that, but you can also customize the skills and weapons they use through the custom menu. You can also change the skin of the hero you have.

That way you will not be bored with the appearance of that hero that’s all. The version on this apk is a mod apk where you can purchase items that you will really need to upgrade your hero.

By upgrading the skills of the hero you have, of course, it will have a direct impact on the strength of your mainstay hero. That way the dark monsters that always block your adventure will be even easier to destroy.

Diplaystore itself if you search for the game League of Stickman in Playstore then you will find there are three types of this game. One is free and the other two are paid.

Even if paid, but the price is very cheap. Enough with 3 thousand rupees, you can get a league of stickman games in the play store. For the payment itself, I recommend using credit. Don’t forget that 3k rupiah does not include tax.

So prepare a nominal balance of 5 thousand rupees, to get this premium version of the game. By buying the premium version, we support the game maker to continue developing this league of stickman games. So one day there will continue to be a continued version of the latest game.

League Of Stickman Apk

Name League Of Stickman Mod Apk
File Size 104.3Mb
Version v5.8.7
Required Android 4.1+
Updated date 28 September 2019
No Of Installs 10,000,00+
App Type Mod, Unlocked, Premium


Reviewed By Acousticskelton:

I love this game. Id recommends it to anyone that likes mobile games. I’ve spent some money already in the game and have zero regrets. That said it still has some flaws. Like when the game crashed when you use default attack on the Fox skin. Or when it shows you have no connection to the game when you actually do. DreamSky is one of the few people on mobile that I like and follow.

Reviewed By Rachele:

It’s the best stickman game I’ve ever played in my life dude I love this game I can’t I just can’t deal with it I love all the characters that are so cool how they fight and I like how ninja uses that freeze time thing. I think it’s a fun game.

Reviewed By Carlton:

Awesome game. I’ve been playing this for 3 years. Great updates as well. Perhaps all of the heroes should be added to the Hero Dungeon. That way I can upgrade my heroes faster.


I hope you would like to play this league of stickman game. It is one of my most favorite stickman games ever. Great game cool modes and an awesome time killer great job on the update. So what are you waiting for please download via the Google Drive link that we have provided above? We will continue to post about exciting games that are trending. If you are looking for a new game, you can visit our website Moddude.

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