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Vegas Crime Simulator APK is a first-person shooter game that offers players the opportunity to explore the Vegas strip, rob casinos, and do whatever else they want. It allows you to explore what it would be like to live in Vegas and see the full extent of the Vegas lifestyle.

You can go drinking, buy drugs, or start fights with other people in vegas. If you want to know what Vegas is all about, this game will show you how it really goes down in vegas. The game is very similar to GTA vice city APK but instead of being able to drive cars around Vegas, you are limited strictly to walking on foot.

Vegas crime simulator 2 APK Gameplay

Vegas Crime Apk 2022

Join the original gangster from the first installment as he faces betrayals and threats from within his organization. Climb up through the mob hierarchy to take control of the criminal world in this Android game!

Master the game’s many story modes with engaging missions. Choose from a variety of gangster worlds, explore them freely and build your criminal network across city streets filled with bloodthirsty action!

Level up your characters to earn better stats and unlock new attributes, which will make them more powerful. Unlock incredible vehicles for you to roam the streets in or join other gangsters at their races with Explore this vast game world filled with weapons that are both chaotic & destructive when used against enemies alike.


here, you get to know awesome features of Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK

Open 3D world

In Vegas Crime Simulator 2, you can explore a massive 3D open-world city in which the game makes sure to provide unlimited fun with creative playstyles. You will be able to take on multiple missions that will lead your character through captivating storylines and various locations across town while not being forced into anything throughout this immersive experience!

Complete missions and tasks

The world of Crime Simulator 2 is an exciting and engaging one. You’ll have your chance to take on a variety of missions, which will introduce the player into a captivating storyline with challenging tasks at every turn! Get ready for some unique gangster action as you face off against rival dealers from around town during weapon heist-style robberies or compete against others by finishing first on top leaderboards based solely upon how many kills they’ve made.

Get rewards

The game features many special rewards that lay hidden across the city, which you can freely pick up when you find them. These loot chests offer a great chance for any player to get some benefits from logging in every day while at the same time enjoying an array of new items and abilities with each victory!

Level Up your character

The game of Gangster and crime in Vegas is more exciting than ever. Now level up your character with the new stat upgrades, including finesse for those who have it.

Features of Vegas Crime:

Unlock achievements and get rewards

With the new Vegas Crime Simulator 2, Android gamers will be able to experience a variety of different crime-related missions that can’t wait for them. Along with this main gameplay and story-bounded quests come many achievements which offer great rewards such as cars or cash if completed successfully.

So, get ready because there’s no limit on how much fun you could have unlocking all available rankings while playing this game right now

Become a superhero

The game offers many special superpowers you can give to your character, which are always available at the in-game store. Feel free to turn him into a superhero! Unlock Super Landing so that whenever he lands on his feet an epic powerful explosion will happen and become much more of a menace in the city than before with this power boost; all it takes is one simple thrash from our favorite antiheroes or villains

Arsenal of Weapons

In this game, you will be able to work with different weapons and kill all the enemies. Feel free to spray your machine guns toward them or blow them up with cannons! Don’t hesitate when faced by an enemy because there are also many melee options available for such occasions in which case grab one from its rack on your side as well smash it against their head.”


The game has a massive open-world map, 3D graphics, and immersive environments. There are also many settings available so it will better suit what kind of experience you’re looking forward to.

How to download the game in 2022?

  1. Click on the download button
  2. let the game download
  3. open the file manager and install the game
  4. open it and enjoy
Vegas crime simulator 2 APK is an amazing sandbox game with many opportunities to explore. If you are into grand theft auto and want a similar experience in android devices, then tune into vegas crime simulator 2 APK right now. You can easily download it from our website.

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